Why You Should Root for the Jets Tonight

I am a Jets fan. This post is completely and utterly biased. I actually have nothing against the Steelers. Respectable franchise, good head coach. I love Troy Polamalu and wish the Jets could have him. But here’s why you should root for the Jets:

  • They have been a joke for about 40 years. Same Old Jets, Just End The Season. If the Jets can do this and win a Super Bowl, it gives hope to fans of the Pirates, the Royals, the Islanders (hee hee), the Lions and even the Bills.
  • Make fun of Rex Ryan. Make fun of his weight. Make fun of the foot fetish videos. Make fun of his theatrics. But respect him. His players love him. Bart Scott has said he would die for Ryan. Trevor Pryce was going to retire except that Ryan wanted him. Two different Giants defensive backs said that they wish they could play for the Jets. He inspires an old-school kind of loyalty that is really different than every other coach nowadays.
  • Jerricho Cotchery is quiet and understated. He doesn’t talk trash. He doesn’t insult other players. After poor performances this year, he stood by his locker and answered questions until the media had none left. Against the Browns, in OT, on a crucial 3rd down play, he pulled his groin. Instead of collapsing to the ground, he hopped EIGHT times on one leg before a full body dive between two defenders to catch a first down pass. The Jets would go on to win the game and Ryan said he would put that clip on team videos for years.
  • Shaun Ellis was drafted in 2000, along with three other first round picks that was supposed to signal a new era of Jets football. 11 years later, he is the longest tenured Jet. He has suffered a decade of mediocrity and poor performances. He has been overlooked and dismissed throughout his career. Against the invincible Patriots, Ellis set the tone with two early sacks of Tom Brady.
  • It’s New York. If you’re a Yankees fan, a Mets fans; a Rangers, Islanders or even Devils fans; a Knicks or Nets fan, the Jets are sole New York City representative left standing.
  • Everyone dismissed the Jets’ chances against the Colts. Peyton Manning is possibly the best quarterback of all time, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are the most defensive end duo in the league. It was played in Indianapolis. The Jets won. Everyone dismissed the Jets’ chances against the Patriots. They had been utterly dismantled by New England a few weeks prior. Tom Brady was playing his best football in years. The New England defense was young, fast and opportunistic. Belichick is twice the coach Ryan could ever be. The Jets won.
  • If the Jets win, we get two more weeks of Rex Ryan press conferences. Two more weeks of that Greatest Interview of All Time, by Bart Scott. From a pure entertainment standpoint, you have to love that.
  • Nick Folk came up as the kicker for the Dallas Cowboys. He was ran out of town when he got the yips one year, and resurfaced with the Jets. He has had his ups and downs this year. A redemption story is always good to watch.
  • LaDainlian Tomlinson is one of the greatest running backs in NFL history but doesn’t have a ring. Jason Taylor is one of the best defensive ends in NFL history but doesn’t have a ring.
  • Three wins against the three best QBs in the AFC, on the road, would be the hardest road to the Super Bowl in NFL history.

J. E. T. S. Jets, Jets Jets!

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