Jets 17, Colts 16

What. A. Game. The Jets won on the boot of Nick Folk as time expired to beat Peyton Manning and the Colts in the first round of the NFL playoffs.

Where to start? Credit to our defense. Holding a Peyton Manning-led offense to 16 points over 60 minutes is impressive. Outside of one awful play where Garcon slipped open deep, they played consistently well all game. Run defense was excellent, outside of a few draws they converted late in the game. They forced the Colts in 2nd-and-9 a lot and that is the perfect thing to do against the Colts.

Darrelle Revis held Reggie Wayne to 1 catch, for 1 yard. One catch, one yard. Revis Island baby.

Antonio Cromartie screwed up early on, especially on the Garcon touchdown. But he kept Garcon down otherwise, and his kick return before the final drive was HUGE. We started with the ball on our own 45, which completely changes the drive. Huge props.

Mark Sanchez. Could he have started worse? Awful first half. Missed open receivers, got happy feet, and threw an interception when an incomplete isn’t awful. But like he has done all year, he played better in the 2nd half. Managed the game amazingly well, and that final throw to Braylon was pitch-perfect. Give him credit where it is due.

Nick Folk, you drive us nuts but god help ya, you made the kick. Please continue doing this.

The Jets offensive line absolutely won us this game. They dominated the 2nd half, keeping our offense on the field. When you are playing a great quarterback or offense, the absolute best strategy is to dominate Time of Possession. Keep Manning on the sideline. And our offensive line allowed our running game to do just that. Credit to D’Brickashaw Ferguson especially, because he contained Dwight Freeney. Same to Damien Woody on Robert Mathis.

That deep bomb to Braylon when a 6 yard slant probably ends the game? WHAT. WHY. STOP. Awful call. Not sure if that was Schotty, or Rex or Sanchez audibled at the line. But it was an awful call. Terrible. A 6 yard slant gets us the first down, and forces the Colts to burn their last TO. We then have 3 downs to run the ball. Even if they stop us, Manning gets the ball with about 30 seconds left, deep in his own territory.

Is there anything scarier than watching Adam Vinatieri line up for a potential game winning kick? Dude is automatic. Right down the middle.

We have the Patriots next week – ugh. I hate that freaking team. They will be the favorites and for good reason. But it will more competitive. Remember that.

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